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Typical HCFX Pedal Board

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Probably has

Danelectro Fish 'n' Chips

Ibanez DE7

Monsterpiece Fuzz




Had all three. Didn't use the eq much, probably shouldn't have sold the DE7, I keep thinking about getting another one, the Monsterpiece sounded great but wasn't crazy enough for me and I have too many fuzzes.

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Boss or Korg Tuner
BigMuff or other Fuzz.
A modded Boss Pedal, or one daringly left as stock.
F & C EQ
EHX Modulation or Boss Chorus
A boost
A "big Delay" like DL-4, DD-20, RE-20, Nova
Smaller Digital Delay
Digital Reverb for Massive Verbs
A Looper, if not already used in DL-4 etc.

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MI Audio Crunch Box, Monsterpiece fuzz/Skreddy Mayo, DMM, DE-7, Semaphore or Red Witch Trems, Ernie Ball volume, TU-2, and something homebuilt/rehoused/boutique. Everything mounted to a Pedaltrain.

You guys are crazy go nuts.

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