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SVB's ridiculous effects history [lots of pics]

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i started out playing a marshall dsl2000 and a les paul... i had a dd5 and a volume pedal... this was before i had a camera (boo). The first boutique i bought was toadworks mr ed (good times). I quickly got into foxrox pedals, as you will see....


this is march 2003 i think. Crap this is before i had a camera lol.

I had a sho, a dd fx90 delay, a teese wah, a captain coconut 2 (damn i miss this pedal), a tzf, a boss sd1, some pedal i can't remember anymore and a rehouse akai intelliphase on the bottom.





this is in June 2003 sometimes....


i had the tzf, the dod fx90 for delay. That white thing is some sort of mosfet boost (i think). The green pedal is a scrambler. Tuner is boss tu12h.



this is in aug 2003....

i built these 2 pedals for myself to play with. Shown is a small clone and the other is a distortion pedal called the sweet thing. I also had a teese RMC3 wah.




this is a bit later...i'm thinking late 2003 or 2004 even...

i was in full diy mode. I built myself a looper.... and also a phaseur fleur. I bought a zoom pd1. At the time people at hcfx were raving about this pedal, saying it was great. It was cheap, so i bought one to see what it was like. Meh it's was alright, but not all that.




this is the inside of the looper. It's sort of looks stupid now that i think back :p



this was around the same year i think. I built this little a/b switch... :bor:




Here's another view of the board..




i played with a boss ac2 very briefly


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at around this time, i also bought a fish and cheap eq and an old 80's boss dm2 to replace the dod fx90. The dm2 was a good pedal.




this is about April 2005...

there were a lot of changes here. I started to get into looping. I bought a reissue ehx 16 delay when it first came out. I also bought a carmen ghia amp. I used a drum machine to sync with the looper. I also added a peachfuzz and a mxr distortion + which i modded for true bypass. I was happy with this setup for a while.




this was near about the same time, but here i built myself a nice fuzzface clone to play with. You can also see the phaseur fleur.




Here's another view of my board in 2005


i had 3 amps, a blackface princeton reverb, a carmen ghia and shown here a vibrolux reverb. At the time, i thought the PR wasn't cutting it, so i added the VR. It was loud, and the neighbors complained a lot. Cops came over like 3 times... :lol:




Here is a close up pic



sometimes that year i also bought an akai headrush e2 for delay and looper. It was noisy as hell so i returned it. I also bought an attenuator because the neighbors were complaining :rolleyes:



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somewhere between 2005 and mid 2007, my board didn't change and i was hardly on the forum :cry: I was like somewhere else...ugh..


but then i came back and my board completely changed!


i sold my vibrolux reverb.... and i sold a lot of my pedals too. The 16 sec was gone. I bought a dd20 to replace all my other delays.. in fact most of my pedals were gone! I bought an rc2 for my looping needs. The rc2 is by far one of the best pedal I've used.


This photo is taken in about July 2007.




Overall i was pretty unhappy with this setup. The peachfuzz wasn't cutting it anymore. The dd20 was good for delays but i had the rc2 for looping. The fuzzface was crapping out. I needed overdrives and distortions...


at this point a major transformation occurred. I went rack. I have been thinking about this for 6 months and finally i made the jump.. :)


this is last august.

I bought a jdesign cab for the ghia (finally). Great cab btw. I got a rocktron xpression from ebay for cheap.




then i order a screwdriver and a top fuel from skreddy. The sc served my od needs and the top fuel does that lead tone that i like. I kept onto my fuzzface. I was pretty happy changing to the rack interface, using the Axess GRX4 and mfc4 controller. It was different, but in a good way.


I did the unthinkable and rehouse my tzf in a rack enclosure... i think this showed my commitment to going rack..




i talked to dave fox about my rehousing idea and he sold me an octron to put into my rack enclosure. Everything turned out great!





I used a pedal shelf to hold the pedals. I had a peachfuzz, a couple of skreddies etc... it was okay but i hated all the loose wires.


this was last October



the wires drove my crazy so i decided to rehouse the GRX4 switchers and all my skreddies....


an oh yeah i also made the fkr rat... which was fun



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rehousing the GRX4 was kind of a pain, but i finally did it.




this is the topfuel on the right and a fuzzface i remade on the left.. the screwdriver is also there but you can't see it here.



It sounded great... here's the front.... i have space available for another circuit. I'll probably build a gainster or something similar next to the screwdriver.



the thing i didn't have, which i knew i needed was a tuner.... i wanted something with an LED. I got a behringer tu100 from hometown_kevin in a trade....and decided to rehouse it...

this was a pain in the ass, but i finally pulled it off... It works well too





this is what my rig looks like right now...

it's a good rig. I still have a space available for some rack. I'll probably add a delay. There are still things i want to do to this thing! :D


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Wow man, sweet post and what a trip! :D:thu:

I wish I could have your ability to rehouse stuff..

I love how the rehoused TZF/Paradox looks, nice faceplate :) Classy!



What delay will you be adding? a rehoused pedal or a rack-thingy? :cool:

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PS How much did those Princeton Reverbs run you, if you don't mind me asking? I'd really like to get one.


the blackface princeton i sold away a long time ago. The blackface princeton reverb i bought off ebay for $400... at the time it was an impulse buy because i was gassing for one bad. It was in {censored}ty condition. Alot of things were bad. Luckily the board was mostly original. I basically redid and modded the amp including a paul c mod, changed all the electrolytics and speaker with a weber. I installed a new baffle for this and upgraded to a 12 inch weber speaker. I also retolex the amp. So what you see now is an amp after all the facelift. I think the princeton was meant to come with a 12" speaker, because it sound 100% more powerful with it than the original 10".


I am not sure what these go for now. I think you can probably grab one for $600 or so. I think it's the perfect combination between size/weight and option. You get reverb and tremelo in a small package. The clean is vintage fender but overdrives nicely when the volume is up.


this is what it looked like when it first came in..


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yeah that tuner sucked bad. I live with it for so long. My guitar never really gets out of tune often, so i don't tune very often. I don't bend the hell out of my strings either.




...I bend, ...a lot, so I have to have a tuner, my old Gibby is a tempermental, :blah::blah::blah:


you definatly have/had some verycool pedals :thu:

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