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DMM old built in power Vs. Wall wart


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I have one of each...the first one was brand new from about 2 years ago with the seperate adaptor, and recently I got one with the built-in cord via trade on here. The one with the built-in cord must have been made just before they switched over to the detatchable power supply because they are almost identical...it even has the smooth dome-shaped knobs that the new ones do (not the pointer knobs like the older ones have). They sound almost exactly the same, but the one with the built-in cord sounds a little bit hotter, a touch more in your face, if you will. It gets to the verge of oscillation and beyond a little bit sooner than the newer one, but the differences are so dimunitive that you can't go wrong either way. You would probably never be able to tell if they weren't side by side..

Like I said, I'm guessing that the older built-in cord DMM I got was probably close to the time where they switched. I had read about the issues that some of the older ones had (bleed, noise, the level knob controlling the overall chain volume, etc) and found none of that with mine. The new ones are true bypass and have no noise and my corded version sounds the same. Some of the older ones did have those issues but Howard Davis calibrates them and they can be modded for true bypass or what else. Either way, jump on it.. they sound great no matter which version.

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