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Where do you get your music news?


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Blabbermouth is great--some good news there from a variety of heavy genres. Stoner Rock (or Riff Rock) has some good news on their boards....if you can deal with the people there. :)

Other than that, I check out a few other places for a good variety of things--ChartAttack and Exclaim up here in Canada; Pitchfork, as well. Pitchfork tends to be really trendster and too much indie fluff for me at times (just as Blabbermouth tends to have too much washed up hair band news--ie: Steven Adler or, you know, some guitarist's new project that used to be in LA Guns for 2 minutes back in 1989, haha), but there's some good news there at times on Pitchfork as well.

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