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Line 6 Pod and Toneport users, any interest in a tone swap thread?


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Hey everybody, I'm a Line 6 Podxt user primarily because I can't really play loud all the time, plus the fact that these things kick ass. I've come up with some tones that I like a lot and use all the time and I'd like to hear what other Line 6 users on here have come up with.


If you didn't already know, the Line 6 website has a section for Line 6 users to swap their tones with each other. Create an account if you haven't already, Log In, and go to the My Account section of the page. Off to the left, the first link is for Customtone.com, this link will send you to the tone swapping site. Select your Line 6 product and your free to search whatever other Line 6 users have uploaded. It's very easy to upload your own tones as well. So share them with us.


I believe you should be able to right click on the "Get Tone" icon once you've uploaded your own tone so just paste the link here for us.


If you are unable to link it directly, tell us a keyword or keywords to search for so we can find your tones on the website. I will upload some of mine later, I'm at work right now and my mouse doesn't right click so I can't paste links.


Please describe your tone, such as metal, country, blues etc and/or the person or bands tone you modeled it after. Also tell us what guitar you dialed in your tone on, what type of pickup (humbucker, single, minihum, p90), and which position (neck, mid, bridge), etc and whatever else you want to tell us about it.

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