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Tonebone Hot British -- Bad Ass!


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I've been reading these forums for years...this is my first thread...


I just picked up a Radial Tonebone Hot British in a trade...this is one bad ass pedal that covers everything from mild overdrive to Mesa over-the-top distortion. My "gig rig" is a Blackstar Artisan 30, Maxon od808 (light overdrive), Fulltone OCD (higher gain applications), and a H2O Chorus-Delay. At one point or another I've owned most of the boutique amps that are popular on these forums and this pedal through a good clean channel eliminates the need for most of them. I really can't believe it...I also ran it through a Framus Ruby Riot and it sounded equally good and tube-like. I'm interested to hear some thoughts on this pedal from people who've tried it.



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