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[x] devi ever BIT: new videos [featuring keyboard/guitar].


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when my basement flooded and my devi ever DN had a battery explode inside, devi was kind enough to make me a new pedal of my choosing to replace it, free of charge. not only is this the coolest thing a pedal maker has ever done for me personally, but it introduced me to a pedal that i now consider a staple to my sound. i am forever in debt to her kindness, so these videos are my testament to the total sonic meltdown created by devi ever pedals.


i introduce: the mother{censored}ing devi ever BIT!


two videos, two instruments:


the metroid of sound city - [sound city key bass->BIT->pedals->mesa rocket 440].



a skeleton plays harpsichord in the desert - [guitar->BIT->pedals->mesa rocket 440].



subpar sound quality and even more iffy playing, hopefully these videos give somewhat of a representation of the capabilities of the BIT. for anybody considering it, i can promise you won't regret the purchase if you like grinding, buzzing, ripping, abrasive as hell mayhem. it will literally cut through any mix like a knife the second you click it on. the videos show a lot of droning fuzz walls and abrasive riffage, but it's capable of much more. i wish the same could be said for my lack of improvisational skills, though. :(


enjoy the videos, but watch the volume! they're loud.:evil:

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drasp and CicadaSilence, thanks for the love.


the soundclick stuff of mine is really old, and these videos are much more indicative of my current music creations/style. although, these were still kind of improv, so it's not that great of a representation.


auttumattic, i'm sorry you don't dig the pedal, but that's just more for those of us that do. :idk:


the low end is sort of an issue with the BIT, as it's harshness really overwhelms a signal. it was the only pedal that i have going to both signals in the pedal chain [there are parallel signal paths], so on some areas i have an octave on one signal with the BIT being straight up in the other, blending the two together. really fills the sound out, but on it's own, the BIT still has an aggressive low end that i've grown to like quite a bit.



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