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Effects Loop Setup Help


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I have a Peavey JSX 212 combo with a series effects loop. I am just now building my pedal board and I have never used an effects loop before.


1. Boss: TU-2 Tuner

2. Morley: Bad Horsie 2 Wah

3. Digitech: Whammy IV

4. Fulltone: OCD v4 Overdrive

5. MXR: Phase 90

6. Boss: NS-2 Noise Suppressor

7. Boss: DD-20 Giga Delay

8. Ernie Ball: VP jr. Volume Pedal


I would want the Phaser, Noise Suppressor, Volume Pedal, and Delay in the FX loop. The Noise Suppressor has both input/output and send/return, so I'm assuming that it can be both in front of your amp and in the loop (which I don't know if it's necessary because the pedals in the loop won't really add much noise. If anyone could describe clearly how to plug those into the loop, it would be much appreciated. Thanks everyone!

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I'd personally have only the delay and phase in the loop, and the rest up front. I've never tried a volume in the loop, but that's taste

The rest go up front - probably with the TU-2 outside. SOme people want to be able to bypass that, but the question is, how noisy are the rest when muted for tuning.

I also like OD into Wah, but some other people like the reverse. I also have an octaver in front too. My Whammy simulator (EX-7) is currently before the amp, but will move once I get a "series loop".

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