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Clips! Hiwatt content...

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Well, I can't really say this is my music... as this track is actually something my friend wanted to try out. He wanted me to replay guitar on it so I obliged :thu:


All of the guitar on this is the Hiwatt with no post eq, editing, or effects... and there are parts that I recorded longer than they are going to be (second verse, solo) just so that he can cut it up and make it how he wants to afterwards.


Kinda butt-rockish so watch out (I did sneak a little somethin in the intro tho...) :cop:


ES-339 -> Monte Allums BD-2 H2O (and FD-II Mosfet for the solo) -> DD-20 -> Hiwatt Custom 100 -> Orange 2x12 -> SM57 -> Avalon pre -> Distressor -> Pro Tools 5 (some crappy old version of it)


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