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He everyone,


I'm new to the forums. I was told to come here to seek advice and help.


I have a 1999 Boss DD-5 Delay that I purchased as my first pedal, and it has been the pedal I've relied on for shows and recordings ever since. Recently, it has pooped out on me. It's just not working and I didn't do anything to it I swear! It was never modded, and never had any issues, and looks literally brand new!


So it was run through an AC adapter plug on my pedalboard until it stopped working. Here are the symptoms:


-When AC adapter is plugged in, the LED light lights, but is at less than 1/2 lit. This is when there are NO cables connecting to or from this pedal. Usually my boss pedals DON'T light up when JUST the ac adapter is plugged in. All of a sudden, it does that now.

-When the cables to and out of the pedal are plugged in, and I plug in my guitar, the signal just straight bypasses the DD-5, un"effect"ed without any delay whatsoever

-When I put in a 9V battery and unplug the ac adapter, the LED light looks unlit.


I'm thinking this is some sort of power supply issue. Nothing seems fried according to the naked eye. I was thinking it might be the switch itself, maybe it's stuck in a middle position, passing only enough power to light the LED half way?


ANybody have knowledge with pedal mods and repairs? I NEED help! I rely on this baby a lot, and there's a lot of sentimental value to it. I want to pass it on to my grandkiddos. Referrals would be great too.


I would appreciate any advice, and pretend I'm dumb, I won't be offended. I really don't understand a lot of circuitry and engineering/physicist talk, but I'm willing to learn! I do know how to solder though!


Thanks everyone

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