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Chicken Salad = Bad Ass Tone Machine?


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O.K so I read all about how to re-house my chicken salad and how there's an internal trimpot you can adjust to change the sound. So I cracked it open and pulled out the boards and plugged it in and adjusted the trimpot while I played. I was looking for a more subtle sound. I Felt the Warble was too distinct to be useful plus I've got another Vibe coming in the mail so I can mess with this one.


Anyhoo... So I turned the Rate and Intensity all the way up and adjusted the trimpot to get a subtle Warble (1/8 or 1/16 turn clockwise from dead center), put it back together and when I turned the Rate and Intensity back down, it was barely a vibe. I was like damn, I got to crack it back open and re-adjust it.


Then I said wait, I use my Small Clone to adjust my Tone so why not this. I turned the Rate way down (9) and the Intensity way up (3). And next thing you know I've got a Tone Machine that just fills out my sound like never before. I turn it off and my tone is hollow (I used to think it was awesome), turn it on and my tone is Fat, Real Fat, Really, Really Fat. There is a one or two decibel increase but Wow, it's got more Tone in it than my Sonic Stomp. It's Redunkulous! I was going to ditch it when I get my new vibe but now it's a permanent fixture.


Has anyone else noticed this? Are there other pedals like this? Who Designed this pedal and what else has he designed? He's a genius for putting a trimpot in there. I don't know if I should re-house or leave as is, but I really love this pedal.

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