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long shot....can I buy EHX XO knobs anywhere?


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Here's a question:

How would I go about removing a knob to put a new one on?

And when I do put on a new one, what should I look for, or will anything fit?


an EHX nano ones?


I'll tell you if you send me the ones you take off. :)














seriously, I use the broken wooden peg method...2 half of a wooden clothes peg......nice little soft wood wedges, put one under each side, 'waggle' (technical term there) until it loosens enough for you to pull it off.


or undo the grub screw (depending on knob type)


and yeah pretty much most will fit ok. (see neds post above for further detail)

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you need split shaft knobs for split shaft pots and solid shaft knobs for solid shaft pots.



And either way I just pop them off?



edit: nvm, I got it.

It wasn't for my nanos it was for my mosfet booster.


Does anyone have a very large solid shaft knob they want to unload?

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