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Another..put these pedals in order...thread.


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Im pretty much done wit my new DIY pedalboard and im working out my pedal orders...i pretty much know where i want everything but you guys' opinion is usually constructive. Here what ive got(in order):


Bad Monkey-Planet Waves Tuner in the Direct Out.

Boss PS-3

Dual TB Loop-

Loop 1-Sovtek Green Big Muff

Loop 2-Rat-Dano Fish n Chips.

Boss SD-1

Dual TB Loop-

Loop 3-Moog Ring Mod-Cool Cat 18v-Boss BF2-Arion Stereo Phasor

Loop 4-DOD FX-17 Vol/Wah-Boss RV-5-DMM-TC Nova Delay-Boss RV-3


my main issue is LOOP 3 thats where im a bit confused.

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