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Does anyone here own the g system, g major, etc. from tc electronics? sorry if this has been covered before...i wanted your opinions on theses pieces of equipment.



Own: TC 2290, and TC 1210


Installed and programmed: D2, G-Force, G-Major, and noodled with the G-System a few times, along with the 1128 eq, 1140 eq, the Nova Delay and Nova Reverb, TC Chorus, TC Vintage delay, TC M1, TC Boost/Sustainer, parametric eq pedal and over drive pedals.


I prefer the rack processors to the G-System, as the G-System requires use of the foot controller, and if that fails, which seems likely- as the buttons do several things, I prefer knowing that I can use any MIDI foot controller w/ the processors. I use a CAE RS-10 double expanded.


The A/D-D/A converters of the G-Force are WAY better than the G-Major's, with a lot more tweakable possibilities of effects routing and parameters.

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