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Tiny Tap FS, MOSFET Boost, or TB loop pedal


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Thanks for all the responses, guys. I did try to do this as a poll, but it didn't work. How the hell does one post a poll?


I still haven't come up w/ the contest idea, but I liked Miggy's idea best: The winner will have his (her?) choice of one of the three prizes. As long as shipping isn't more than $10usd or so, I'll pay for that as well which should open the contest internationally.


So I don't mean to drag this out, but what I'll end up doing is announcing the contest and letting it run for 2 days so everyone has a chance to see it depending on their time zone.


I JUST got back from seeing Minus the Bear. I'm gonna post pics of the pedals boards in a separate thread. I got right on the stage afterwards to get the pics. Much to the chagrin of the fat sound guy, but I knew my forum bros would want good pics! Dave's tone is freakin' amazing! But Jake's voice was totally shot! I felt bad for the dude. I hope he didn't do any damage.

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