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New Gear Week!


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I'm too excited to wait for everything to be here so I'll just group everything I've gotten and will be getting into one post:


--Pedaltrain 2 w/ softcase (refurb)


--Micro Q-tron

--Gallien Krueger 700rb-II bass amp

--ata case for my custom bass pedalboard

--dod chorus

--boss fz-3 (if it ever shows up)


--recording snake, various mic cables, etc

--ds1 to mod for bass use

--fab echo to mod

--monte allums dynacomp mod kit


And no, I'm not super rich... I just got paid for a website job and i got GREAT deals on all of this stuff



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Damn! Lots of gear.

today is modding week for me, next week is band recording week.

I'm building a big muff and a tremulus lune, modding my dan echo, modding my dyna comp, and hopefully modding a ds-1.

Then, I'm going to reconstruct my guitar board which has been in pieces, decided to go for the PT-2 because it was refurbished $10 less than a new pt-jr and I'm not much for minty-fresh factory mojo.

The DE-7 is really fun, though :)

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What are you doing to the DS1 to make it more bass friendly? I recently tried out my singer's DS1 on my bass rig, and I thought it sounded pretty good, except for the inevitable low end drop.



I asked Matt of pennypedals (who does a DS-1 Bass Mod) for advice. He suggested the caps to change. I am doing the mod as soon as I get the DS-1 (hopefully Saturday) and I will post clips and some pointers as to what I did.


My current bass drive pedal is a DS-1 modded with Monte Allums' tri-gain kit, set to the max gain (diode clipping). If I roll down the tone, crank up the volume, and run it in parallel with a clean line into the board, it sounds awesome. But, I need to put that pedal back on my guitar rig because it's my favorite light overdrive right now. Hopefully, the new bass-modded DS-1 will have enough low end response that I won't necessarily need the parallel clean line for it to sound punchy.

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Pics when it's all together.

I hope to be feeling one o' these sort of weeks soon. C'moooon Canadian income tax!

Pics and clips will be up when I finish the mods and record some demos. I recorded the "before" clips of the dyna comp earlier today :)

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