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Besides USPS, How Else Could I Get A Guitar To Me From America


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$240 seems a little high for shipping a guitar to the UK. I did it once no more than 18 months ago and I believe it cost less than $180. I know postage has went up some since then... but I doubt it's that much higher.





I just got an online quote of $151.50, assuming a package weight of 40 lbs and a size of 60 inches or less in length.

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It's $240 all in.

Guitar is $165

I believe the shipping to be about $75...



i will ship to england i got to find out the shipping cost i dont know if its the guitar on harmoneycentral your talking about if you want it if you can find the shipping price my zip is 52001 the package weighs 17ibs and is 35x16 and 5in high or if you want to hit buy it now and pay i will send a money request for the rest of shipping thanks andy

Wish he would use the {censored}ing full stop button...but hey.

I'm just trying to decide whether I really want it, or not.

It's the black version of this


Or do I just want to get this in England and save the hassle.

I want a tele with Humbuckers, and I have a thing for the old Squiers.
I wouldn't mind eventually picking up the
Jagmaster 24"
Supersonic...etc etc

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USPS is going to be the cheapest option. UPS is outrageous for international mail. Not sure about FedEx. There's also DHL, they might be cheaper. Problem with USPS is if you want insurance and all that the price goes up to the same as UPS. I did see a guitar sent to France once that got lost and returned to sender a few months later. That's the big risk with USPS and the local country's post.

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