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New Emma Rezza...well new to me


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I got an Emma ReezaFratzitz today from a fellow forumite (Banrnabyhuggins) today, and what a great pedal. I had a Crunchbox, which was pretty good, but basically it makes a really good heavy/Marshall crunch sound, not alot of versatility, and I thought my amps distortion w/and OD pedal could do it well enough. But I still wanted a good solid distortion pedal, so I got the Rezza (what an odd name). Plugged it in tonight, and so far have been very impressed. Sometimes it takes me a while to gel with apedal, but not this one.


What I love about it is 2 things. 1)very very versatile, it will probably replace my Keeley TS-9 because it can do some good blues/overdrivesounds. Cut back on the gain, and you have TS-9. 2) Very good distortion sounds, turn up the gain, play with the bias, and it can really shred. Maybe heavier than the Crunchbox. Certainly it's equal I think. A ton of gain that is useable on this pedal.


It's not a cheap pedal, even used, but worth it. If you can't decide between a solid overdrive pedal, and a distortion, this is a great solution, as it does both well. I might get a Barber LTD, just for light overdrive, we'll see. This pedal barely does light, it gets into heavier tones pretty quickly, but the fact that it can be both is cool. The bias knob changes it from class A to B. Not sure yet what effect it has tonally, it seems more subtle than obvious, but I like it anyway.


Just my observations this Friday evening.

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