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Need help remembering a musician's name.


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OK, so a while back I'd found this dude on Youtube who was completely out there. He played solo guitar with a looper and vocals, and used the vocals as a rhythmic instrument more than actual singing. He'd loop himself whooping and clicking and use that as his backing rhythm, then loop some guitar, then sing in this really weird theatrical style. Of the few videos that I remember, he liked to perform with his shirt off and had a very flamboyant stage presence. He also had a weird name, but it completely escapes me. I wanna say he was European or something, because I seem to remember an accent. I also remember his guitar being pretty unique looking, but again it's only a vague memory.


Oh, and in the video that I remember the most he dropped the guitar at the end of it and did this weird interpretive dance thing with the loop still playing in the background.


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