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axess MFC5 MIDI Footcontroller


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I have an mfc5. It is an excellent midi controller with a few limitations...


the goods...

1. small size and rugged

2. relatively cheap $250

3. has both cc and pc messages (extremely configurable)

4. phantom powerable


the bad... (compromises...)

1. no expression control

2. no instant access button

3. triggering the buttons to get into user configuration could be easier



excellent controller for the money, both in terms of size and options, but if it had instant access buttons, i would have given it A++++++++

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lol patience.. thanks!


as you maybe remember, I was talking about Skrydstrup and such. now as I'm only starting with racks, I'm thinking about smaller controllers for the very beginning which would be dedicated only to the units not pedals. seeing the price and knowing the company, I'm pretty interested in this thing.


how good would that be to control 3 to 5 racks with this controller? ain't it gonna be too hard?

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