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Core Pedalboard w/ DIY Mods


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I haven't posted much in a while so I figured I'd share my small board. I got a used small Core Equipment Pedal Board back in Dec. I spent hours planning and tweaking the board. My problem was placement of the power supply. My Peavey foot switch takes up much of the board, so even with only 3 pedals space it tight. I finally decided to put the PP under the surface like many do with the Pedal Train boards. It just barely fits with Velcro under it. I had to flip the AC outlet and IEC jacks on the PP to make the 90* power cords point the correct way. I also covered the board in Velcro, stapled down as the original stuff was crap. Lastly I cut a notch for the cords and drill holes for the DC power wires. Also I added a small power strip for the hell of it. Now I just need the new Korg tuner, it would fit a whole lot better.






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