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Spammage for the DIY guys


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Spammage for the DIY guys


Just cleaning out the shop, figured you guys might like some cheap components - unloading a bunch of pots (potentiometers) and enclosures. Buyer pays shipping, minimum $15 per order. You can paypal or send a check/money order.


Enclosures - these are clones of the Hammond 1590BB, pre-powdercoated in Blue, Green & Red. They might be a little scuffed (really minor scuffs) from being shuffled around in plastic baggies, but that's how it is. We have 75 in stock - if you buy some, I'll try to accomodate on the color, but as the stock dwindles down, you'll get what we have. $3 each.


Pots - these are all brand new from Alpha, solid 1/4" shaft, 16mm case.


The Push/Pull pots are $1 each, the rest are $0.25 each.


A10K available qty: 664

A10K w/wires available qty: 36


A10K w/spst available qty: 580


B25K available qty: 720

B25K w/wires available qty: 13


B50K dual-gang available qty: 137


B100K push/pull available qty: 64


B100K available qty: 80

B100K w/wires available qty: 29


B250K available qty: 626

B250K w/wires available qty: 13


B500K push/pull available qty: 60


A500K available qty: 247

A500K w/wires available qty: 14




Email me at info@toadworksusa.com to place an order.

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