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new pedal day.


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Today i got the following:


Copilot custom antenna with expression pedal jack for mix. I think ring mods are sort of not my thing, so i might sell this. contact if interested.





Earthbound custom supercollider. The switches are as follows (clockwise): Mids (scooped or not), depth and tone of the normal fuzz, 8 bit (controls the tone of the frequency which the pedal produces when the 8 bit fuzz is engaged), toggle to toggle between a momentary switch for the 8 bit versus a momentary switch for the noise, volume of the pedal in general, momentary switch which can engage either 8 bit fuzz or noise feedbacker, stomp switch which can engage either 8 bit fuzz or feedbacker, and normal supercollider fuzz stomp.


I have to say that this supercollider is amazing, and probably will never leave my board. Mark from earthbound did a great job making this effect for which i need. he did a perfect job of balancing all out chaos with really usable tones. I strongly recommend the supercollider as a normal fuzz, but i really recommend working with mark to make a custom pedal. He does an awesome job and it shows in the pedal.




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