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Catalinbread Semaphore & "Harmonic Vibrato"


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I haven't had the opportunity to toy with a Catalinbread Semaphore, but I noticed today on the website, http://www.catalinbread.com/SemaphoreTremolo.html, that the Semaphore can deliver "harmonic vibrato," which I understand to mean the tone produced by the vibrato circuits found in the late '60s Fender Vibrolux and Concert amps, and the Victoria Reverberato. See http://books.google.com/books?id=N_8uVGPoWPUC&pg=RA1-PA225&lpg=RA1-PA225&dq=%22harmonic+vibrato%22+fender&source=web&ots=3ttVoV1mNd&sig=LWtEWxOE5f60b9sDCMtJMxDdxrE&hl=en#PRA1-PA224,M1.


Has anyone familiar with the tone of these circuits used the Semaphore? How well does the Semaphore perform this task? Can it do the "harmonic vibrato" at slower speeds than the tube circuits can?

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