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What's in the mail? (Week of 4/12)


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Well, I should have received a SB808+ by now in a trade with a forumite, but I'm getting a story.


So, since I'm not a hard-ass, instead of giving him up just yet, let me just point out to would-be story tellers: If you put a street address, and a ZIP code, it is deliverable. You do not need to put the name of the city, or the state....that's what the zip code does. You do not need to spell the name of the city correctly. You could address a package thusly:


This One Dude

1234 Maple St.



...and it would get delivered to whatever dude lived at 1234 Maple St in 10101.


I know this to be true, because I have a friend in Michigan, and we put joke addresses on each other's Christmas cards and have for years. As long as you have the ZIP and the street address, they will deliver.


And another thing...if you mail a badly addressed package on Tuesday, you ain't getting it back 2 days later. I got my Aunt's Christmas cookies back last week that I forgot to put the ZIP on altogether.



So, are we clear? Just say, "I didn't get to the post office before it closed" or "I got busy and forgot, it was in the back seat of my car all day" or whatever. Or don't say anything, as long as you ship in a reasonable amount of time. But "I spelled Las Vegas wrong and got it back in the mail today I swear I'll ship tomorrow" is just lame.


M'kay pumpkin?

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