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Gear Trends


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Anyone notice how 8 years ago, the mainstream gear topics were


- PRS Guitars

- 7 String guitars

- Mesa amps

- Keeley Compressor was THE secret weapon

- Phaser/Flange on clean guitar

- Ed Roman (lolll)


Currently the big market is


- Traditional styled electrics (Danos/Silvertones, newer Fenders, Gibsons)

- Small-wattage tube amps (i doubt a majority of people were aware these existed in 2000's)

- Delay/Echo of all types

- Oddball anything


whats the next trend? obviously the gear one uses directly affects the music they create... where does everyone see the correlation going? The Big bass drum sound of the 80's resulted in bigger drum sets for most bands back then, and U2/The Edge's DMM alone seemed to change the direction of the music industry (this is only one example in one genre). It seems like it takes just one person to open the door for everyone else


the industry could swing any which way, with the development of unlimited-access post production software, and big popularity of music-mimicking games like GuitarHero/Rockband/Singstar amongst the kiddies could point the compass away from the boy-band-i-dont-play-i-only-sing chic that the late 90's graced us with....


so what d'you say? One-pickup guitars comin back at all? guitars w/monkey grips and 30 frets? Pocket-sized tube amps? Is the only cure for my fever more djembe?

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