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Almost All of My Gear ....STOLEN!

Last Nerve

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This is a cross-post from another forum, but as I should be getting the serial number on the guitar today, I thought I'd post it here as well, so I could have as many eyes as possible helping me watch.


So I had quite the week and I just need to vent.

Something theraputic that I can re-read a few times.


I had to drive 800 miles (one-way!) to appear in court for an issue that wasn't mine and for some reason could not be handled over the phone/fax/email/whatever.


Gone for a short period of time, two days, and I arrived home last nite a bit after midnite. Tired. Getting to old for the 10+ straight hours of driving, and I'm not fond of driving at nite.


So I pull into our GATED/LOCKED parking garage under the building. As I said a bit past midnite. Everyone else's car is in the garage.


I grab my bag and that's it. I'll deal with the rest in the morning. I'm tired. I know the wife is trying to wait up for me as well. I know the kids will be up at the crack of dawn.


I head downstairs this morning to collect everything. I opened the car door and it took me by such surprise that I stood there stunned. The passenger window had been broken. Nothing was in there.

I walked around the garage. They did the same thing to my other car!


There was a BMW, a Land Rover and a Mercedes in the parking garage.

They decided to mess with my MINI-VAN and JEEP!?!?!


My brand new Swart Space Tone, GONE.

My brand new '55 Thin Skin Tele, GONE.

My pedalboard...smashed on the ground. Pedals scratched and {censored} but still here. I guess they thought it was too heavy.

My wife's laptop (with ALL her information), GONE.

My cellphone, gone.

Then they took both our sunglasses. Which really pisses me off as those were gifts from my kids.


So right now I have little faith in mankind. Even less of an impression of Los Angeles altogether.


Luckily, nobody was hurt. Luckily, my custom guitar wasn't in the car.

Luckily they didn't take the paperwork the court just gave me, that they instructed I needed to hold on to forever. :)

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God DAMN Chris!!

And we were just emailing about how much you were loving the Swart...


Really sorry to hear about this man - I'll keep my nose to the 'bay and eyes peeled. Hope you get some compensation from some sort of insurance!


Take care man - I've had my car broken into and it ransacked... it's a terrible {censored} feeling.



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Maybe not the most tactful way to put it, but you're right.



I agree.........I always always assume that anything and everything in my car WILL be stolen and that thought gives me that extra push when I'm being too LAZY to take it into the house. Sad, but you asked for it..........sorry:cry:

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security cameras in the parking garage?


a friend of mine used to have an apartment across from the grove in hollywood and he had a set of rims with tires that he left in his parking space for a few days. lots of people did things like this, should have been no big deal, the place was gated, locked and camera'd and parking spaces were basically considered part of your apartment. well they got stolen and mysteriously the security cameras showed nothing involving that area of the garage at that time. nice.

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We've been here over a year...never one issue.

No insurance that will cover anything.

I have the serial numbers now, and I'm spreading them throughout L.A.

There have been a few contractors around lately, and I'm going to find out if any of them had a key.
The gear can be replaced. The laptop had all my wife's work data, which hopefully was backed up correctly (has never been tested).

Thanks for the kind words guys.

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I'm really sorry for what happened, anyone who has had valuables stolen can understand how awful it is.

I wish you the best and hope everything turns out alright.

Make sure your wife switches credit cards etc. if any of that information was possibly on her laptop. This is one reason why you shouldn't save passwords either.

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