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I've got room in my pedal rack for 1-2 more pedals. Help me pick something cool. :)


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My setup consists of a 14 space rack with two 8 loop audio switchers (RJM Music RG-16s) and three drawers that are nearly packed with pedals.


I've got two spaces that are each roughly 5"h x 7"w.


I've currently got the following pedals and devices that will be in the audio switching loops:


-EH Echoflanger (basically an early Polychorus): Flange/Chorus/Filter/Slapback

-EH Small Stone: Phaser

-Boss Dimension C: Chorus

-Eventide TimeFactor: Delay

-EH POG: Octave/Harmonizer

-EH Micro Synth: Synth/Fuzz

-Dunlop UniVibe: Chorus/Vibrato

-Boss GE-7: EQ

-MXR 10 Band: EQ

-Digitech Whammy IV: Pitch Shifting/Chorus

-Foxx Tone Machine: Fuzz/Octave Fuzz

-Dynastar M-31: Tube Overdrive

-Dunlop DCR-2SR rack mount Wah

-Switching between stereo outputs on my Parker guitars.


So, I've got 14 of the 16 audio loops taken up with the above.


The pedals must fit in the space provided and it would be a plus if it ran off of a standard {censored}ing 9V plug for a change.


I'm thinking of getting a Devi Ever Bit Mangler, though I'm not entirely sold on it. :)


I also thought of the newer EH PolyPhase though I don't know how often I would use funky sounds like that.


Any ideas?

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