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Your GAS list?


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White left handed strat, ideally with a humbucker in the bridge.


Extention Cabinet for my Classic 30, later getting a head for a stereo setup


Pedals? I want a triboost and large beaver, but that's about it. Really happy with my setup for now.

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i kinda want a stereo setup, but that would involve buying a new amp, so it wont happen for a while. i could start building up my stereo pedals, modulation mainly, i've got delay covered. so:


stereo pulsar

some kind of chorus or maybe a pitch vibrato

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Realistic gas list:

Stereo Pulsar
Micro or Full size Pog
Analog Delay (Two timer or CC)
Subdecay Echobox (if I sell my SMMH)
RC-2 (only needed if I sell my SMMH)
Barber LTD (probably not necessary, but I would like to try one and see)
Carl Martin Classic Chorus

The only one at the moment I really want is the tremolo.

I also want a decent P-90 guitar. I'm at the point though where I'm really liking my sound, and don't need/want to change it, just enhance it some.

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