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New AVRI Jag day! Photos inside.


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Needless to say this guitar is unbelievable, sounds great, doesn't buzz very much (still has factory 10's) and resonates well. I'm a happy camper.


Here are some photos, I apologize in advance for my lame pedalboard.





Jag & 52'RI Tele (keyboard amp in background sorry yo)






close up



offset friends jag/'70 fender competition mustang




that's all folks

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more info/pics on that tele stat! the jag's killer by the way!


it's a japanese '52RI tele that my exgirlfriend painted my first year of college. It's pretty beaten up, and has been modded for a 4 way switch and a 6 saddle steel bridge. Here's a closer picture of the body.



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Happy new guitar day! was it difficult to set the bridge up properly?



Honestly I wouldn't know. I took it out of the case when it got here this morning and it sounded, felt and played great. I've had absolutely no problems with the strings coming out of the saddles, or with the bridge rattling. It was practically IN TUNE when it came out of the case which it had been sitting in at a FEDEX depot all weekend.


Absolutely stunned by the workmanship.

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