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Quick question about X2 Wireless Systems


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im just about positive that i want to buy one of these (for guitar), but i am not sure if i want the rackmount version (XDR-95) or the pedal version

(XDS-Plus). im thinking the stompbox may be better for my signal path because i have a wah pedal in my signal chain and if i had the rack version id be running cable from the wireless all the way to the wah then all the way back to the amp (whereas the pedal version takes out one long cable). the only potiential problem i have with this is that the pedal version is $100 cheaper, which at first led me to believe that it would not be as good. i looked at the specs, and they seem to be the same exact thing minus 100 feet of range which i surely wont need, but does anybody on here know if there is any other reason why the rackmount version may actually be a better quality unit?

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