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new effect setup (ss to tube transition) its long but i need help

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i just recently switched from a fully solid state set up to one with only tube amps. i after hours of playing around with effects i have come to realize that my old effect set up isn't going to cut is

i have a peavey triple x and a fender hot rod deville (if you dont like my amps say it somewhere else, i dont want this to turn into a bash my amps thread)


for guitars i have a fender koa strat and a prs se custom


i play everthing from clapton to metallica to iron maiden

indie, punk, hard rock, little metal like a7x and more


for my wah i plan to use a bad horsie 2 contour wah and maybe also get a dime wah...or even a fulltone wah


for a phaser...currently i have a phase 100...but stuck on that

now for some type of overdrive....i have an sd-1 that i plan to mod...but maybe


a fulltone ocd might be nice...or even someting else (tell me what to get)


then to a radial a/b to amps


i need a flanger, i was thinking maybe a mxr flange...i dont know yet


then chorus....right now i have 3, a ce-20, digitech multi voice, and line 6 space chorus...the line 6 is too noisy and subtle, the digitech just sounds like garbage and then the ce-20 it noisy...chorus is very important to my clean tone...i would like something subtle when i want it that way but also have a little depth to it


delay...probably an mxr carbon copy, but also looking into a nova delay, or a dd-20


for tremolo im looking at keeping my seymour duncan sfx-07


then reverb ive got a Marshall that i like...im gona try the ehx holy grail...see if i like it more


tell me what to get!!!

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