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Vox Tonelab SE -vs- Boss GT-6

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The Tonelab is a great device but, my brother, you need to sit yourself down in front of both devices and hear them for yourself. Additionally, it matters what you are going to plug the device into. I use a TLSE and power it with a Marshall El84 20/20 into a Marshall 1936 2x12. I used to use a Marshall 8008 solid state power amp and the difference in tone is monumental. The valve EL84 allows all the tones produced by the TLSE to come roaring through. And with the deep switch on the EL84 20/20, well it's gorgeous. I also prefer Strats / single coils through the TLSE. Humbuckers sound good, just not as good as single coils. IMHO.


Good luck!

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