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got me a freqbox

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I LOVE IT :love:


got it used for 140


I'm familiar cv as I use synth and guitar




does any one who has the freq box and the ring mod know if you can use the envelope follower of the freq box to get attack dependent trem from the ring mod or even volume swell type effects


I feel I must get more moogerfroogers they are so useful to people who use both synth and guitar set ups

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I have all but the CP-251, the LowPassFilter and the BassMurF
have the MuRF though
ah yes, and I don't have that new Multipedal
I can't say I've tried to achieve the sounds you're after with ringmod/Freqbox ... I got the ringmod and freqbox on separate boards
I have the MuRF and Freqbox on my noise board, I soon found out that using an expression pedal really helps to shape the freqbox effect

forumite MM420 has all Foogers and keeps a logbook of all his settings/sound experiments
and pbone has all of them as well
I think

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ok sorry its a {censored}ty photo

here is it patched up to the sh09 which is being controlled by that big sequencer the freq box is just being used as it would be with guitar in sync on

im not gonna re-patch it for a photo

i just meant to show pics of your new pedal man.:thu:

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