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Little Big Muff V/T/S vs. S/T/V Mystery Solved

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Well, recently I acquired a Little Big Muff with control knobs in this particular order, Volume/Tone/Sustain. I found it odd when I first saw it, as many of the Little Big Muffs I've seen had Sustain/Tone/Volume configuration.


So I emailed Electro Harmonix customer support to find out if they had also changed the circuits, and this is what Chip of EH has responed to my email.



Hello. You have a version of the first series Little Big Muffs. They were released the other way around. Same circuitry just a little different lay out.

The Little Big Muff and the larger do not share the same circuitry so they do sound a bit different. That is normal.



At 11:10 PM 4/20/2008 -0600, you wrote:


I recently purchased a new Little Big Muff from Same Day Music, and noticed upon arrival that the control knobs are in different sequence as what other little big muffs I've seen. The little big muff I have has the sequence in this order, Volume, Tone, and Sustain. Other little big muffs that I have seen have the sequence in the opposite order, Sustain, Tone, and Volume. Which of the two sequence is newer, and has there been any changes in the circuit board? Are there any difference in sound?

Also, I have the larger Big Muff pi, and found there is a noticeable difference in sound compared with the little big muff. With both pedals with controls set at noon, the little big muff is not as loud, and a little darker sounding than the larger big muff. The larger big muff has a little more bite, and a bit fuzzier. Are both suppose to sound different from one another?





So it is confirmed that the little big muff with the V/T/S is an older model than the S/T/V and would probably be a good buy for collectors. And it is also confirmed that the sound little big muff is indeed different than that of the larger big muff pi reissue.

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Was there ever any doubt about that?

They've always sounded completely different to me.



I've always heard people say they are the same pedal in different boxes. I had the LBM and didn't like it that much but now have a NYC RI on the way so I'll see what I think about that one.

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