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Timefactor question: Aux switches


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The Question:


So I have my Timefactor and I have some Aux switches. I have a splitter as well that I THOUGHT was Stereo to dual mono, but it doesn't seem to work right. I can only get the TIP+RING to work. The TIP and the RING don't work by themselves. Would this be a symptom of the splitter not being Stereo to Dual Mono? I have 2 momentary switches going onto the splitter, going into the TF.



As an aside, I wish you could set it up to keep it in PLAY mode, and then use 2 Aux switches to just scroll up and down through presets, individually. Then you would have access to Bypass, Hold, Tap, Preset Up, and Preset Down, all with 5 buttons. But as it is, i need to keep it in Bank mode, using the first Aux as Bank Down, and the second Aux as Tap. So in order to access Hold, I need to switch to Play mode. Bummer.

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