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is there a fuzz pedal that....

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If you take a square wave and put it through an integrator you get a triangle. An integrator is like a gentle treble rolloff that starts at 0 Hz. Closest I can think of would be a Rat with the Filter all the way up ... of course that also kills any highs from the guitar, and makes bass notes louder than high, but unless you can steepen the triangle at high frequencies...


Fuzz is generally a square wave, but with some flaws. One thing is the flat top can fold back a bit, push back down, with increasing gainlevel. Usually mostly on one of the positive or neg. swing of the wave. With antiphase mixing or other tricks a big foldback can occur, or even a double foldback with increasing signal pushing the wave back normally a second time leaving a notch... that can have a good fullness and yet freak out the ear.


The Super Fuzz type is a radical octaving, original signal cancelling fuzz, but with a regular clipper calming things down some at the end.

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