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i just threw up a little bit in my mouth

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so i was sitting at work pretending to be diligently working when a co-worker came up to me and was like...


cw-"hey don't you play guitar and stuff"

me-"yeah" :confused:

cw-"come check this out and tell me what you think. i think i am gonna buy one and learn to play"


silent interlude of me following him through the caverns that is a modern office building, replete with paper supplies, staplers, motivation posters and coffee mugs.

cw-"look at this, it is so {censored}ing cool"




me-slowly unziping pants and then begin beating my coworker to death with my penis (the closest weapon i had handy), so as to stop his ability infect/breed with the rest of humanity :mad:


reality check - a groaning sound slowly rose from the depth of my being as i turned and walked away shaking my head. I think my day is ruined.

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it is made from plastic

plastic should not have that price tag (msrp is over $2K)

the controls are not that convenient (volume, tone, pickup selection are hidden in the body cavity)

did i mention it is plastic?



Can't really say much about the plastic body (haven't heard it for myself, so Ill have to reserve judgement) but youre right about the price tag: Hell, 2 grand is pushing it for any kind of guitar. {censored} overpriced guitars. {censored} them in their...input jack. Still, if the dude wants to fork out 2 grand to look like a rejected character from that 'Cantina' scene in star wars, youre probbaly better off laughing at him than beating him to death with a phallus.

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