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Is there a place to visually build a "virtual" guitar?

Coma Larkin

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OK, that title probably makes NO sense, but I'm building a Warmoth guitar soon because I have a bunch of spare parts laying around pleading to be put to use.


I'm going to have a semi-hollow mahogany strat body w/ a maple neck and fretboard. So all that remains is the laminate face of the body. But here's the rub: I have a prewired tortoiseshell pickguard set up and ready to go, which I'd like to use.


Of course, I can change out the pickguard, but if I can use it as is, that would be great. Sooooo...is there a website where you can pick wood types and colors and combine them on a "virtual" guitar so that you can see what it will look like?


Or maybe I should just ask y'all:


W/ a maple fretboard, mahogany back, and red tortoiseshell pickguard, would you choose a dark laminate like wenge, or would you make a total blonde guitar w/ a burl or birdseye maple face, or maybe ash?

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