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New Gear Month


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because i really dont use the whammy anymore.

only thing is im going to miss it when its gone.

haha ive been wanting a whammy for a long ass time.
i could deff see you missing it though, its a handy thing to have around.

If your interested shoot me a pm or whatever:thu::wave:

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Echo, why do you have tape over your
and Bad Monkey?



YES IT WORKED!!!!!! thats actually a boss od3. haha.


if you look closely, you can see that the tape on the bad monkey has setting written on it. the od3 had similar settings on it, but the tape fell off. i had the black tape underneath to see the setting better. the black tape has since come off.

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Is the whole thing maple or is the body painted white? And what color is the pickguard? It looks incredible.



The body is painted blonde, I believe it's alder. It's one of the newer Highway One guitars that I've put 40 years on in about 18 months. The body is pretty rough looking, but such is the case with the thin nitro finish they throw on those.


The guard is gold, much like the Gretsch pickguards (slight glitter when you hold it up to light). I got it from WD Music, it's this one:



Thanks for the compliment! It's my favourite guitar.

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