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Overdrive/Fuzz comparison, your input required

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I'm working on a pedal oriented site (www.pedalarea.com), where I try to compare different pedals in the same setup in order to provide an overview of how different pedals sound. Until now I've used a short recorded loop (with my DL4) which I've played through different pedals, the current comparison can be found here:




But here's my question: I have now upgraded my setup so that I'm no longer restricted to very short samples and now I'm able to control the volume levels of the audio samples better so I'm making a total overhaul of the comparison (I have a bunch of new pedals anyway).

If I would make 3 different samples which I would run through all the pedals, what kind of audio samples/settings would be most useful to provide a good overview of the majority of pedals out there?


I was thinking about maybe this kind of samples:

1) blues/rock type sample with medium gain settings on the pedal

2) rock type sample with high gain settings

3) lead sample with gain at max or so.


Of course I would also have to add the settings of the pedals to help comparing the pedals. Is there some other info or specific pics about the pedals that would be very useful to add to the comparison? Any suggestions which pedals I definitely would have to add to this comparison? Do you find a comparison like this useful?


How about the phaser/flanger comparisons, any input on those?


All suggestions, comments and feedback on the current and the future website is highly appreciated!! Thank you!!



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