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The New York AMP SHOW will feature the infamous "Pedalboard From Hell" at tthe 2nd annual show on May 10th at the EMBASSY SUITES, 121 Centennial Ave. in beautifull Piscataway New Jersey 08854. (732) 980-0500

Visitors to the show can bring one guitar or bass into the show, allowing them the opportunity to plug into this "double-wide" Peddaltrain board loaded with a cross section of different effects from some of our finest makers.




Pedalboard is FULL!


Pedaltrain will be supplying two of their largest new pro boards for a special display at the show.

PBFH demos are through a Port City cab! Powered by a Ceriatone TW head

So far we have:

Zvex- Box of Rocks, Ringtone

Jetter- Red Gain Stage

Keeley-Keeley Compressor, Katana, Fuzz Head

Cat's-eye- Mutha'Fuzz

Demeter- Stereo Tremulator

Sarno- Dirt Box

Hip Kitty- Cream Distortion, Chameleon

JTK Harmonics- Alchemy

Tech 21- Boost DLA

SiB- Mr Echo

Analog.man- AR20DL, Chorus w/toggle

Surreal Amps- The More Pedal

Butler- Rangemaster

Pigtronix- Attack Sustain, PolySaturator

Hartman- OC44, 8va

BBE-Sonic Stomp

Voodoo Lab- power supply, Superfuzz

Madd Professor - Deep Blue Delay

Solid Cables- Cables

Pedaltrain- Pedalboards

Seymoure Duncan - Shape Shifter Tremelo

FOXX - Tone Machine

Ooh La La - Truely Beautifull Disaster

Greer - Ghetto Stomp

ProTone Pedals - Compressor

Fuchs - Plush Cream

Hermida Audio - Zendrive 2 Tube

Wilson Effects - Vintage Spec 12 position Rippah Q-Wah

GIG-FX - Mega Wah

Bennett-Maxfield Music - Pulsator

Eventide - Time Factor

CMATMODS - Signa Comp-Drive

Visual Sound - 1 Spot power supply , Jekyll & Hyde


Prizes from; Club Amps, Brown Note, Fender, Fuchs, GoodTone, Line 6, JTK, Creation Audio Labs and more TBA


Another popular feature at the show is the "TONE WIZARDS" semminar. (10:30 am)

speakers this year are; Richard Goodsell, (Goodsell Amps) Alphonso Hermida (Hermida Audio), Moss Hudson (Brown Note Amps), Obied Kahn (Reason Amps), Billy Yates (Venice Amp Repair), and more TBA


Featuring, AMP BIASING CLINIC by Norm Mathews of GoodTone Amps (12 Noon)


The AMP SHOW is open to the public and admission is $20. at the door

parking is FREE. Hours are 10:am- 6:pm

OH yea, There will also be 40 private demo rooms of amp companies.


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