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hahahaha...got to love REVIEWS and things people write about you...


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From some british blog


"SPC ECO represent a truly unique offering at Invention Live, featuring a sound they classify as "Nu Gaze," a rugged fusion of elements drawn from the Psychedelic, Electronic, and Shoegaze stables. The band specialises in intense sonic soundscapes,


drawn through the virtuoso electric and live guitar stylings of Joey Levenson and Harry K G respectively,


the pulsating bass rhythms and production flair of the Curve's Dean Garcia, and the beautiful, soaring vocals of Rose Berlin. SP ECO are rapidly becoming a big name in the music business, with their latest album "Alright" on sale all over the world and receiving rave reviews in Japan. In the UK their signature single, "So Special," is to be featured in the soundtrack of "Milk," the latest film by the Frames, whilst on LA's indie radio circuit they have emerged as the most requested band after the mighty Radiohead."



haha..im a virtuoso....thanks....:eek:

er..i can only do an e chord...

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