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People with POG's... where is yours in your chain?


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I'm thinking I'm probably going to get a POG soon, and kicking my WH4 off the board. I had to run the WH4 first because I had big volume drops going on with the Big Muff after it.

So this is what I'm thinking for the latest version of the board:



Lunar Module





Where do you put yours?

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I have mine fifth in the chain.


Filter > Compressor > Pitch Shifter > Analog Octave > POG > Fuzz > Wah > Bit Crusher > Vibrato > Delay


It sounds best before dirt, I think. Putting the POG before other pitch and octave effects confuses the {censored} out of them, so I keep them before the POG. I hardly ever use them all at the same time, unless I'm trying to piss people off. :D



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