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How cheesy is the Boss DF-2?


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Only 1 MT-2 ?

20 or more years ago a fellow guitarist in a band had one of those feedbacker pedals. I remember thinking the distortion sounded like crap but the feedbacker sounded cool as hell.

It's basically a DS-1 with a feedbacker in it, but that feedbacker is mighty cool. I've had them since they first came out, hence the Super Distortion & Feedbacker name versus the Super Feedbacker & Distortion, which came about because DiMarzio threatened to sue.

If you plug the DF-2 into a tuner, you can actually tune the feedback to a given note, like an E or an A for instance. This makes a huge difference in how the pedals sounds while playing through it. Keeley did do some mods to these for a few people too, when he used to do the Seeing Eye Mod, not sure if they still do them, but it wouldn't hurt to ask.



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