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I have a question RE switching channels with the GT8. i cant seem to get to boss gt central on my work computer.


i used to own a Framus cobra and really enjoyed the option of using my Boss GT3 (in the fx loop for chorus/reverb/delay only) hooked into the amps midi in so i could change amp channels + FX with one stomp.


however i have not sold the Cobra and bought a 30W 2 channel Framus CS which has no midi function.


So...if i plug the GT8 amp control into the Framus footswitch in...can i change teh amps Clean to Lead Channel AS WELL as its Reverb on/off???


aslo i really liked having a patch on the GT3 for a amp channel...and then assigning the CTL button to switch to manual mode.

Can i do this with the GT8???


(EG set up patch 1 so that it is on amp clean channel with CTL for manual mode...then patch 2 for my amps lead channel with CTL for manual mode OR can i only change amp channels with the AMP Control Button)


hope this makes sense and hopefully someone can clarify this for me. i only want to use the GT8 for fx...so should i even bother with the four cable method?

how transparent is the Gt8 when no fx are on? because with the GT3 in the loop you can defnitely notice a tone diffrence when you blend the fx loop mix knob on the amp


Should i look at other dedicated fx units/racks?

or even wait for hte GT10 as i would like the option of having a looper?

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