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Pedalboard Assembly


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Hey ya'll! I know this is a site for gassing about what pedals we need and want and wish we could have. i've felt a little convicted about how much time i spend trying to get all my dream pedals, and decided to 'finalize' my pedalboard to help stop the gas and start playing more. I don't have much to offer in re:to advice, but here's what i've learned.


1) Play with the setup before you finalize

2) Measure everything multiple times

3) draw out a schematic (wiring and placement)

4) Be careful with drilling around your pedals

5) use a 3/16 inch drill bit, i used a bigger one for the power cables, it was unneccesary

6) Don't be afraid to cut and repatch your power cables to length, i have a ball of extra cable up top because i didn't want to 'waste' my cables....

7) Vacume your pedalboard after drilling (it looks a lot nicer that way)

8) Test your GL's one at a time

9) give them slack when you install them

distance to both holes +3 inches was safe

10) remember where you want to place your power supplies under the board

11) don't drill with your power supplies under the board

12) looks matter, line things up well.

13) you don't always have to pay the $40 a pedal fee for someone to assemble your board for you.


here's the link with pics for most steps that i did. i added a little paragraph trying to explain what i did. Let me know what you think!





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Who the f**k charges $40 per pedal to assemble a board?


oh, and your image link is broken.


Here are my tips:


--if your board is mostly final and you gig shows, don't use solderless. Buy your own bulk cable and connectors and solder them

--Use quality velcro (sometimes additional adhesive is required) or the bike chain method

--Use a good power supply

--If you are building your own board from scratch, include an area to mount the power supply and an AC power strip underneath or behind the board

--Layout without velcro, as pulling and re-placing pedals a lot in the beginning will significantly weaken the velcro's adhesive.

--If you're feeling adventurous, a built-in patchbay for send/return/etc is always a good idea.

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