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Good Metal Sound with Marshall JMP-1??


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I'm a Marshall JMP-1 User and i never get a good metal sound before. I experiments a lot with my Setup but i'm not statisfied, the highs for example scratch too much.


My Setup:

Marshall JMP-1

TC Electronic G-Major

BBE Sonic Maximizer 482i

Mesa Boogie 50/50

Marshall JCM800 Box


My Current Settings:


Marshall JMP-1:


Gain: 18-19

Highs: 0

Mids: -4

Bass: 3

Presence: 0



Only boosted the mids by 650hz and 2 Octaves 1db.



Low Contour: 11 o'clock

Contour: 9 o 'clock



Presence: 3-4


Can anybody help what i do wrong? :-(


I like i punchy Metal Sound with mids and no scratching highs.

But the presence on my JMP-1 and Poweramp is already very low?!?!


There are sooo many JMP-1 Users, then it must be possible to get a cool Metal Sound?


Thanx for your help and sorry for my english ^^

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this really is better asked in the amps forum, they'd be more able to help you i think. i've never used a jmp, but i know a lot of pro metal players use it so i'm sure it's possible.


i'd also suggest you give a couple of examples of the type of metal tone you're after, it's such a vague term, like asking for a "rock sound", being more specific helps.

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