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Binson Echorec Tech Anyone?

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Howdy all. Longtime vintage nut here trying to see if there are any alternatives to shipping my Echorec 2 all the way to the UK. My unit works fairly well - it passes signal on all three channels, great slapbacks and "reverb", regenerates nicely, motor seems to work without issue.


Only problem is that long echoes are non-existent and magic eye lights up but does not move much at all. I'm thinking it might be one or two of the playback heads are not functioning.


Any thoughts for a USA tech with any experience with these monsters? I own an EP-2 and EP-3, RE -301, and a Fulltone TTE - and NOTHING sounds like the Echorec - even in it's challenged state.


Any leads would be helpful - I am hoping to find someone to re-wire this for a fixed fee (maybe a pipe dream, but I am hoping..............).


Thanks for sharing anything on this!



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