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OT: ARG! Computer/USB port BROKEN plz help

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Ok, to start, I am pretty computer savvy with software and hardware... and can handle assembling my own PC, etc. but i dont follow hardware developments etc like a total computer geek would.


that said, I have a budget Compaq latpop I bought almost two years ago (maybe the first mistake). a few months ago the screen hinge cracked and is now held together with tape. bummer.

a week or so ago, someone accidentalyl stepped ont he printers usb cord and snapped the usb ports... they still worked but werent sturdy. well. today they finally crumbled! (at least i got a sheet of labels printed first).


so now i have no usb ports which is crap balls. i havent backed up my data recently either, although my portable hd is dodgy anyhow.

i can probably back up my stuff to dvd-r and transfer it to my fathers computer, or over the network.


but i NEED a new computer with a zero dollar budget. anyhow, i was thinking, are there any MBs that i can drop my laptops 2.5" drive as well as ram in? i mean i know theres IDE converters for the drive of course, but are there any cheap MBs that take the laptop style ram?

i jsut want to recycle as much of this computer as possible. so im looking for something desktopy but compact and maybe a mini-itx.


i jsut dont follow hardware developments so i dont know whats available

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